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BB Glow Online Training

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Discover the revolutionary treatment GlowMe™!

The first and the most comprehensive course in North America in Nano Meso Needling designed for all skin types!

We will guide you how to create wonders with our GlowMe™ Nano BB glow solution from beginner to real PRO!

The most popular procedure in 2019!

It is aimed at restoring, smoothing the skin structure and giving it radiance and healthy appearance.

  • Bloodless and non-traumatic technique - the procedure is painless and does not have a rehabilitation period.

  •  To achieve the best results it’s recommended to perform about 3 procedures with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

  • Only 30 minutes per procedure - the duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. The number of procedures is determined individually for each client.

Instant result! Quick and noticeable effect after just one treatment!


This is a procedure that is highly sought after by clients!

It's simple - In just one session, this is what the procedure accomplishes:

  • EXCLUSIVE and Revolutionary technique - Sculpting and highlighting the face, allows you to cover face imperfections and emphasize natural features

  • Gives a radiant, even skin tone similar the effect of a BB-cream solution

  • Lighten pigmentation, freckles, traces of post-acne and couperose

  • Moisturizes and renews skin texture

  • Smoothes fine wrinkles

  • Lightly camouflages dark circles under the eyes

  • Free from pain

  • Free from numbing creams

  • No troublesome rehabilitation process

  • No seasonal restrictions

  • Visible result after just one procedure.

  • Average procedure duration: 30 minutes

  • The resistant effect that lasts 

Our serums does not clog the pores in contrast to the other BB Glow brands in the market, and we are offer the best possible coverage on the market today, delivered from a natural ingredients.

Good value for products, each ampule can be used for up to 3 procedures!

In cooperation of the most experienced beauty professionals in the industry, Ellera Cosmetics brings to you an exclusively unique formula accompanied by specifically-tailored training that allows to you treat clients of all skin types - regardless of unique skin texture.

What makes us different?

In comparison to other training methods which cultivates improper injection of BB Glow into the skin which can cause unpleasant consequences such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and allergies, our GlowMe™ Nano BB Glow teaching Exclusive methods instructs the proper “ technique of the serum by penetrating the first layer of the epidermis strategically.

GlowMe™ Nano BB Glow is proudly developed for and by Canadians. Our products are tailored specifically for the North American market and given the stamp of approval by Health Canada.

Our GlowMe™ Nano BB Glow formula uses only the finest ingredients derived from Europe, correctly selected serums, needles, and needle depth and post-procedure care.

Specialists from all over the world prefer our method due to its simplicity and efficiency!

About our serums:

GlowMe™ is an innovative complex of highly concentrated, biologically active ingredients that can stop the influence of time!

The active ingredients of our serums are penetrating the skin even without traumatizing it, allowing maximum coverage and restoring the skin cells!

GlowMe™ is a new generation for skin care, which gives the effect of BB cream and can provide immediately visible results due to a combination of professional nano technology and many years of testing.

Our GlowMe™ products have a unique shimmering effect!

Our products does not contain parabens or harmful ingredients, and have to be used in the 2 week period!

Why choose our training?

We take care of everything -  our training is the most in depth and comprehensive practical course on GlowMe™ Nano BB GLOW and meso needling  in North America.

  • Specifically designed for all skin types

  • Taught by top trainers with up most of 15 years of experience in the industry

  • Includes training manual, with a complete starter kit and 1 year machine warranty

We teach you from scratch and provide you with a full starter kit so you are ready to perform the procedure the next day.

GlowMe™ Nano BB Glow is delivered to the epidermis and distributed over the skin

with massage movements that ensure the products penetrate into the top layer ONLY!

BB Glow is the most innovative and trend-setting procedure in 2019, aimed at restoring and smoothing the structure of the skin, while giving it shine and a healthy appearance!

We are offering a 1-day Nano BB Glow certification class that will cover everything that you need to know to start your BB Glow career the next day.

With GlowMe™ you will have a unique opportunity to have outstanding results just after one session!

Our certification class is developed for beginners and advanced beauty technicians.

NO previous beauty background is required to take the course.

Expand your current beauty business or start a new business and increase your profit dramatically.

Compared to the other less modern BB Glow analogs, the effect of the GlowMe™ serums lasts up to 1 year!

After the completion of the Glow Me™ training, you will be able to offer Nano BB Glow treatments at your salon and charge $200-$400 per treatment based on the complexity of the procedure

What is included in the training:

  • Professional starter kit

  • High-end Nano Meso machine

  • Step by step GlowMe™ protocol

  • Waivers and aftercare cards included

  • Patch test and allergies

  • International Certification

  • Post training support

Online training  includes:

Large Pro Kit  = up to 30 Treatments that could make you around $9000 in revenue

  •  Training manual

  • Full video of the procedure

  •  Certification of completion

  •  Full post-training support


GlowMe™ is a luxury high-end Canadian brand and we guarantee it will be one of your best investments!

This is a completely new technique, all products are hypoallergenic and Chemical free! Delivered from the natural ingredients!

We guarantee to provide you with the most comprehensive quality training and resources to help you provide superior service and gain enthusiastic repeat clients