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In June 2019 Swiss Color® proudly presented this wide range of pigments for paramedical pigmentation. With these natural brown, rosé and red shades you're able to match different skin tones and create adjustments for unsightly skin changes, such as scars or pigment disorders. 

With the new pigment refinement process, the DP Pigments offer a velvety flowing texture and high coverage. Paramedical pigmentation can be used to visually improve consequences of accidents, operations or impairing medical treatments in a minimally invasive way. As a further treatment, Derma pigmentation represents an additional value for the client‘s physical and psychological recovery.



The latest Swiss Color® innovation, this series comprises of 12 perfectly matching pigments that can easily be mixed to meet the individual requirements of customers. With the help of these new pigments it‘s possible to achieve even more realistic areola pigmentations. Thanks to the adjusted flow force and large selection of pigments, DP Derma allows for precise adaption of pigment spots and scars to the surrounding skin structure.



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