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Prevents dry dehydrated skin & eye bags.

A unique serum formulated to protect the skin against dehydration in stressful airconditioned environments, such as in airplanes and offices.
The effects of this stress show up on the face as dryness, a sensation of tightness, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

The face, including the vulnerable area around the eyes, is subjected to extremely low humidity, with moisture levels comparable to those of the Sahara desert. With oxygenation reduced, the level of available oxygen in blood vessels drops correspondingly, resulting in fluid retention around the eyes as well as in the feet and legs. Sitting still amplifies this effect, slowing down the lymphatic system further.

One of Nannic Instant Flight protection’s active ingredients is sesame protein, which keeps the serum from feeling greasy. Instead, it forms a thin film over the skin and helps to lock moisture in.

Extracts of algae in the serum retard the disintegrating effects of enzymes on collagen and elastin stores in the extracellular matrix of the blood vessels. The skin’s natural protective function is stimulated to resist these damaging enzymes.
Micro-circulation in the skin is enhanced, preventing the formation of under-eye bags and dark circles.

Apply for Nannic Instant Flight Protection regularly. Massage gently from the sides toward the centre of the face, applying delicate pressure under the eyes. Next, massage the junction of jawbones and ears using gentle circular movements. Finally, massage temples with firm, circular movements.
Medically proven active components and dermatologically tested.