OS Blush - SWISS COLOR™  Canada Permanent Makeup
OS Blush - SWISS COLOR™  Canada Permanent Makeup

OS Blush

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OS Blush Permanent Makeup Pigment 

This color is created for mixing with other lip colors. Blush is a light flat color which makes the lip color shades lighter but also cooler. Mix Blush with Melrose to get a wondful Rosé color with a touch of Nude. The color is suitable as a mix color for Areola pigmentation too.

The world's first Swiss Color ® OS pigments for permanent make up are free of iron oxides, color-stable, opaque and last longer in the skin!

We only use pigments which the quality of raw materials (according ResAP 2008 1 ) is guaranteed and run further tests by independent accredited laboratories. The optimal size of the pigment grains is 2 microns. Our OS pigments are size optimized this will  achieve a very high pigment density, color fastness and a maximum pigment accumulation in the skin.

The blending component of our pigments is thin with low surface tension, thus the color gets optimally absorbed with the hygiene module and worked into the skin. This technique allows a very fast and effective pigmenting with less damage to the skin.


Benefits at a glance:

  • no discoloration, pigments fade evenly
  • better durability in the skin
  • about 60-80% of the pigments remain visible after healing
  • less rework
  • less pain, due to delicate work