Set of 3 OS Transponder, OS Gigaplast and OS Thinner - SWISS COLOR™  Canada Permanent Makeup

Set of 3 - OS Transponder, OS Gigaplast and OS Thinner

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OS Gigaplast:

This sealer (liquid patch) was especially for the permanent makeup of mechanic moved treatment designed. Advantageous physically attributes are: the pigment is kept in the skin. The Gigaplast absorbs the lymph but keeps the pigment. Therefore the crust comes lower. Gigaplast is always at the same mellifluent texture.

Application: Apply the Gigaplast with a micro brush on the lips or brows. After 2-3 hours the Gigaplast can be dab off with cleansing tissue.

OS Transponder

The transponder prepares the skin to become very elastic within a few minutes. The skin does not rip anymore and gathers the colour easier.

Application: Immediately before the treatment starts a little bit of Transponder on the skin and massage in with a cotton bud. The effect of Transponder keeps for ca. 30 minutes, repeat it after this time is essential.

OS Thinner:

 A critical rule of permanent makeup colours is thinning. Fat content, ph-value, alcohol and accessories are essential for the good effect. The recipe is the optimal care of the pigments and protects against dehydration. Permanent makeup colours are in no case basic. The contact with the mucous membranes is not dangerous.