Swiss Color Microblading Kit - SWISS COLOR™  Canada Permanent Makeup

Swiss Color Microblading Kit

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Buy all the products you need for a successful future as a microblading stylist. In our Start Set are included:

8x Swiss Color Microblading pigments à 12ml MB801 Skin, MB802 Flamingo, MB803 Olive, MB804 Maple, MB805 Brazil, MB806 Walnut, MB807 Ebony, MB808 Coconut
No. 1192 perfect Brow Ruler 20 pieces
No. 1701 Micro Blades #12 flexi á 25 pieces
No. 1702 Micro Blades #14 flexi á 25 pieces
No. V11 perfect contour pencil - brown
No. V15 pencil sharpening 1 piece
No. SC001 Gigaplast 12ml
No. 1193 Brow Trimmer