Mascara Nourish Serum Aftercare - YUMI LASHES

Mascara Nourish Serum Aftercare - YUMI LASHES

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A new treatment with very high-quality ingredients "made in Europe".
A study proves the effectiveness of this product on eyelashes and gives the following result:

  •      From + 17% to + 43% length increase
  •      From + 19% to + 40% volume increase
  •      In just 15 days of application

We advise the sale of this serum after the Yumi Lashes treatment to guarantee an optimum result for your customers.
Apply twice a day (in the evening after make-up removal to cover and treat the eyelashes and in the morning before your make-up to restore a beautiful curl to the eyelashes).

Please note:

***SOLD IN CANADA ONLY- this item is sold in Canada only and can not be sold and shipped outside of Canada***

To purchase this item outside of Canada, please contact your local YUMI Lashes representative in your area.

Thank you