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*NEW*Gold Facial Derma Roller
*NEW*Gold Facial Derma Roller
*NEW*Gold Facial Derma Roller
*NEW*Gold Facial Derma Roller

*NEW*Gold Facial Derma Roller

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Looking to improve your skin? You must try this roller!

It deeply and precisely affects the muscles and tissues of the face, increasing the supply of oxygen, improving blood circulation and the production of its own nutrients. The roller prepares the skin for applying masks (after which they are absorbed instantly) and warms up the skin before any type of massage. Also acts as a skin gym!


The roller has wide non-invasive needles, the impact of which stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin and enhances the production of collagen and elastin. Regular massage with a gold roller gives a visible lifting effect, making the skin more elastic.


Stunning stylish gold facial roller with which your skin will begin a "new life". A simple good habit - a daily massage with a Gold Facial Derma roller will help:

-Eliminate muscle cramps, relax tense facial muscles
-Remove puffiness and give clarity to the contours
-Strengthen the skin, increase turgor and elasticity
-Increase blood circulation and tissue oxygenation
-Improve skin tone and give a healthy glow to the skin

Due to the peculiarities of its design, the roller not only allows you to get all the benefits of an intensive massage, but also to increase the permeability of the skin, and therefore the effectiveness of any skincare products that you apply to the skin before the massage. The edges of the roller do not damage the skin when the massage is performed correctly, making it easy to turn its users into a useful and comfortable daily ritual.

How to use Gold Facial Derma Roller?

Cleanse the skin and apply toner, Apply a cosmetic product (oil, serum, cream) to cleanse the skin and start moving the roller along the massage lines.
Work each zone with 3-5 movements.
Do not apply too much pressure on the roller to avoid injury to the skin.
Do not use the roller if you are prone to rosacea, inflammation, or colds.
Clean the massager with a damp (can be moistened with soapy water) cloth.

With the reverse side of the roller, you can stimulate the active points located on the face. 

Massage daily for a pronounced effect.