YUMI Restorative Nail treatment

YUMI Restorative Nail treatment

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This luxurious treatment is formulated with the finest ingredients, including black jojoba for gentle exfoliation and smoothing, chestnut extract for nail regeneration and repair, and a nourishing blend of glycerin and vitamin F to ensure optimal moisturization.


Here's what you can expect from our Restorative Treatment:

  • 93% Strengthening: Fortify your nails for enhanced resilience and durability.

  • 93% Hardening: Experience nails that are tougher and more resistant to breakage.

  • 100% Nutrition: Nourish your nails from within, promoting healthy growth and vitality.

  • 100% Hydration: Lock in moisture to prevent dryness and brittleness, leaving your nails supple and hydrated.


How to use:


Massage for Better Absorption: Begin by gently massaging the product onto your nails and the surrounding skin. This massage helps improve absorption, ensuring that the beneficial ingredients penetrate deeply into your nails.

  1. Allow for Infusing: After applying the product, allow it some time to infuse into your nails. This allows the treatment to work effectively, nourishing and strengthening your nails from within.

  2. Preparation for Nail Polish (Optional): If you plan to apply nail polish afterwards, it's essential to wash and dry your nails thoroughly. This ensures a clean surface for polish application and helps the treatment to adhere properly.