Transparent Face Mask/Shield

Transparent Face Mask/Shield

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The transparent face mask is your personal protective equipment, offering the following advantages: 

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- Convenient; easy to carry
- Effective face protection
- Ease of breathing
- Reusable 
- Easily disinfect-able 
- Face-fitting design; no fit check required 
- Less fogging than other equipment (safety glasses, etc.)
- Can be worn with glasses
- Can be worn with all categories of face masks

Made of transparent, recyclable APET material, heat-resistant, UV-stable.

Wear them like ordinary glasses. Protects the entire face in the form of a shield. The use is very simple, practical, and inexpensive. The transparent face mask can be rotated up to 120 degrees so that the necessary adjustments can be made easily. The clear visor is removable and easy to clean.

Anti-fog coating on both sides for a better view. This product uses the latest double-sided anti-fog technology, which not only does it condense water droplets, but also allows for clear vision.

Perfect for cosmetic salons, PMU studios, hairdressers, nail studios, and lash technicians, as well as useful for all other professional branches that have close contact with the customer.
Perfect for cosmetic salons, lash artists, PMU studios, hairdressers, nail studios, tattooists, as well as all other professional branches that maintain close contact with the customer. 
The facial area and the associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, and mouth) are those most prone to contamination...
Help stop the spread and transmission of viruses!